Specializing in quality  AKC / UKC registered Golden Retrievers and Border Collies

Xcaliber is a small home-based training and breeding kennel, striving to fulfill our passion for our dogs! 

We are committed to producing healthy, sound puppies with great temperaments.  All of our breeding stock are clear of hip, eyes, elbow and heart abnormalities. 

Xcaliber dogs are breed to be a family companion first and most important, then show / preformance and working dogs second. Our  dogs have been shown and titled in conformation, obedience, rally, agility, good citizen / therapy and herding. But all that a side. They are great family pets!

We have a good standing with AKC & UKC clubs. We are also inspected from time to time by the AKC. Having pasted every kennel inspection with no issues.

We use Nu Vet vitamins and recommend them for every puppy we raise. They help support bone, immune system and over all health.

          21354 Sherred Hill Rd
          Venango, PA 16440
          cell   814-720-3734.                                                                                         American Kennel club
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